Shopping For Health Insurance And Saving Money (2) Most people have to choose health insurance at some time in their life. This can be as simple as deciding between two plans their employer offers, or having to research different plans and buy their insurance independently. No matter which situation you

How To Best Protect Yourself With Health Insurance Too many people take the risk of not having good health insurance just because they think it is too much trouble to find the information that could help them get the right policy. Putting yourself at risk for high medical bills is not necessary if you have

Here's how Alaskans get their health insurance WASHINGTON — Alaskans' health insurance comes from a wide variety of sources — some federal and some not. As the debate rages on in Washington, D.C. over how the federal government should involve itself in health insurance, here's a look at just how

Five myths about health insurance Alexis Pozen is a professor of Health Economics at CUNY School of Public Health and a co-author of the textbook "Navigating Health Insurance." She blogs about health care at It is no wonder so many myths about health insurance persist.

State urges federal government to stop destabilizing health insurance market Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller held a roundtable event in Carlisle Thursday to discuss the future of health coverage in Pennsylvania, following the state’s response to a federal request for feedback on the stability of the market.

How To Make Health Insurance Affordable And Attractive: Lessons For The Senate A big problem with the health bill currently before the Senate is that very few low-income people would purchase any plan, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Unlike the House version, the Senate bill caps the amount of premium for someone at the

Lots of Americans Prescribed Opioids, Insurance Survey Shows More than one in five people insured by Blue Cross and Blue Shield were prescribed an opioid painkiller at least once in 2015, the insurance company reported Thursday. And claims for opioid addiction and dependence surged nearly 500 percent between 2010

Farmers and Health Insurance: Can't Live With It - Can't Live Without It - DTN Farmers aren’t certain if they would fare better under the health care bill in the U.S. Senate, but they are looking for relief from a steady rise in premiums and wider spread of deductibles they’ve seen over the past several years. “It’s kind

Why single-payer health insurance means better patient care Most doctors believe a single-payer system “would offer the best health care to the greatest number of people,” according to a survey by the Chicago Medical Society. More than 1,000 doctors from the Cook County region participated in the survey and 77

Republicans say the health insurance market is in a “death spiral”. Their bill could make it really happen. Senate Republican leaders unveiled their health-care bill Thursday morning, after weeks of crafting it behind closed doors. The bill keeps some popular parts of the Affordable Care Act, such as the provision preventing insurance companies from charging


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Menpora: Evaluasi Total Timnas U-19 REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Tim Nasional (Timnas) U-19 harus pulang lebih awal dari Piala AFF 2016 setelah dikalahkan Australia dengan skor...

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